Roles and Responsibilities

This page describes the roles that bind each of the groups who have a role in steering the study. Those groups are:

  • the Ministry of Community, Sport and Cultural Development;
  • the three elected Salt Spring Island officials - trustees Grams and Grove and Electoral Area Director McIntyre;
  • The Incorporation Study Committee;
  • The consultant, Urban Systems;
  • CRD.

Out of Scope

It should be noted that the ministry has explicitly declared the following to be out of scope of the study or the committee:

  • A review of any form of governance other than the current, rural model or incorporation;
  • The impact of incorporation on the Islands Trust;
  • First Nations consultations. 

The Ministry of Community, Sport and Cultural Development

The ministry are the sponsors of the survey and provide oversight throughout the process. That process is prescribed by the ministry in accordance with well defined protocols for conducting incorporation studies. Both the committee and the elected officials report to the ministry who might occasionally attend committee meetings.

Elected Officials

The elected officials have responsibility for:

issuing a call for volunteers to sit on the committee and for selecting appropriate candidates in accordance with specified criteria;
sitting on the committee in a non-voting capacity (ex-officio);
providing oversight to ensure the terms of reference of the study are respected;
providing guidance to the committee when requested and when appropriate;
reporting to the ministry on the study process.


The Capital Regional District is responsible for administering the provincial grant and procuring the consulting services for the project using its policy and processes. The CRD will work with the Committee and the Ministry throughout the study on an as-needed basis and will provide detailed service, bylaw and cost recovery information to the consultant to ensure the study contains complete and accurate information.


The Committee

The Committee's role is fully described in the Terms of Reference and Operational Guidelines and can be summarized as follows:

  • oversight of the preparation of an incorporation study and analysis of community issues, by a consultant with BC local government expertise;
  • oversight of the local process of community discussion and debate of the implications of island incorporation;
  • promotion of a process that is inclusive and provides appropriate information to enable members of the community to make an informed decision about island incorporation;
  • maintenance of objectivity and a perspective that is unbiased with respect to a preferred outcome while overseeing the study and community participation processes;
  • liaison with the Ministry of Community, Sport and Cultural Development (Ministry) to ensure that Ministry staff can support the committee through technical comments on the study, discussions on a service transfer strategy and explanation of the formal offer of provincial restructuring assistance.

The committee is guided by the following documents:

The operational guidelines also describe:

  • the committee structure;
  • structure and conduct of meetings;
  • rules for engaging the public;
  • committee tasks.



The Consultant

The successful consultant is Urban Systems who won the contract on the basis of a bid process supervised by CRD who prepared the RFP on which bids were based. The RFP fully describes the role of the consultant which can be summarized as follows:

  • to prepare by 30 September 2015 a Preliminary Incorporation Study Report that includes a comparative analysis between the current, rural governance structure and a municipal one;
  • to work with the committee to develop terms of reference for the public engagement and consultation component of the study;
  • to work with the ministry and the committee to discuss a service transfer strategy;
  • to prepare a Final Incorporation Study Report by 31 March 2016.

For a full description of the consultant's role, please refer to the Request for Proposal