The Salt Spring Island 2015-2016 Incorporation Study was completed on November 21, 2016.  The Final Study Report, issued as of that date, was subsequently submitted to the Minister, Community, Sport and Cultural Development, along with the Incorporation Study Committee’s recommendation to hold a referendum to allow the community to decide the issue of incorporation.

Posted below are the online Report files.  Printed copies of the Final Study Report are available on a sign-out basis at the Salt Spring Island Public Library, or for purchase at Apple Photo, #3-121 McPhillips Ave.

Due to the length of the Report, multiple files are available for download (click to download):

This Final Study Report was initially issued on October 26, 2016, but further review identified a few discrepancies that needed clarification.  This Final Study Report incorporates these changes, which are listed here.


This Study Report is organized as follows:

Section 1   provides an introduction to the Report, including a description of What Prompted this Study, its purpose, the geographical boundary of the area included, the Study Committee and process, and key considerations used in the financial analysis.

Section 2   provides a profile of Salt Spring Island, including basic information on population, housing, property assessment, economy and labour force, agriculture, environmental protection and green space, publicly owned assets, and sense of community.

Section 3   provides an overview of the current governance system.

Section 4   presents the potential changes to representation and decision-making if Salt Spring Island were to incorporate.  


Section 5   provides a detailed review of potential changes to service delivery and cost impacts if Salt Spring Island were to incorporate.  Risks and opportunities are identified for each service under each form of governance.  For each of 23 services, the information is presented in a summary format (which also attached to the Executive Summary) followed by a detailed explanation of key elements.

Section 6   reviews potential changes to government revenue if Salt Spring Island were to incorporate.

Section 7   identifies the consolidated financial impacts of municipal incorporation.

Section 8   identifies potential changes to property taxation if Salt Spring Island were to incorporate and provides the projected tax impacts of municipal incorporation.  

Section 9   examines the risks, opportunities and uncertainties (or variable factors) associated with both the current governance system and the incorporation option.

Section 10   reviews the process of creating a new municipality, should Salt Spring Island choose to incorporate. 

Appendix A   provides an overview of social and daily life impacts associated with a potential change in governance.  These impacts are presented in a question and answer format and related to practical examples.

Appendix B   summarizes potential organizational and staff shifts that could occur as a result of a municipal incorporation.

Appendix C   provides an overview of public consultation activities that were undertaken as part of the incorporation study.  Note:  The public feedback referenced in this section is contained in the Public Feedback Repository listed above.

Appendix D   provides a Road Condition Assessment that was completed in support of the incorporation study.

Appendix E   provides the Provincial Offer of Restructure Assistance.

Appendix F   provides a Glossary of Terms

Appendix G   provides a list of current CRD and Islands Trust bylaws.